Viacom Case Analysis

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Viacom is leader in entertainment media operating in cable and other pay television services industry as well as in motion picture and video tape production industry. It comprises many popular TV networks as MTV, BET, Comedy Central and may other, also on the film production- Paramount Pictures. Viacom's content reaches over 520 million households worldwide in over 160 countries and territories. Problem: The main problem is increase portion of digital media, which allow access entertainment in new ways and greater speed, that therefore decrease the portion and revenues of film and media market, more worth is makes using piracy content. To analyze company I will use SWOT analysis to analyze internal (strengths & weaknesses) and external (opportunities & threats) environments: Strengths * Strong brand recognition- allready 578 million viewers across 162countries. * Broad media presence- channels like MTV, BET, and Comedy Central and all their associated subsidiaries. * Vacom excels in targeting specific demographic- generally it target youths, therefore grow future customers. * Low cost products as MTV and VH1 are poular and generating revenues despite low budgets * Strong product differentiation * Also offer complementary businesses- digital services and a global consumer licensing business. * Viacom owns Paramount Pictures and MTV Films with library of over 3,500 films Weaknesses * Declining profitability- due to the decline in the economy * Paramount subsidiary of Viacom, Inc. not making as strong showings in the box office or low numbers for DVD sales, show that the consumers choices have shifted. * Piracy and online watching of movies- due to watching movies online, purchasing illegal cable or purchasing illegal copies of movies, the incoming revenue for Viacom has decreased * Trouble with debt * The

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