Veterinarians Deserve Better Pay

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Veterinarians of all positions work hard. They all do their share in treating their patients and clients. Our veterinarians do a lot for us and our beloved pets and wildlife. They work as doctors, but for animals instead of humans. So, they should be paid just as much as our doctors. Veterinary medicine is a hard field to go into. You start out earning a four year degree that is typically science related. It can be just about anything so long as it includes all of the required classes that you must have before you apply to a vet school. Then you apply to one of the few vet schools that are accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association. Vet school, alone, is four years, so it’s a minimum total of eight years in school. Before you even think about vet school, you need to learn the basics. People spend their high school years maintaining a job as a kennel attendant or a volunteer at an animal shelter because they need hands-on experience with animals. They don’t just admit you into a college—you have to work for it ahead of time. The training and preparation is very important in the life of a veterinarian. Like doctors, veterinarians have a stressful career. They have a great responsibility to save the lives of our loved ones. Veterinarians have to do everything in their power to keep the client’s loved one healthy and strong. They have an unlimited amount of stress along with some guilt in their everyday lives. Research shows that many of work days are hard because of the loss of an animal. It’s not only sad for the owner, but it’s sad and unfortunate for the staff at the veterinary clinic. Someone might say that the veterinary life is easier than a doctor’s because it only deals with animals, but it’s much more than that. They deal with the owners, they deal with the stress, and they deal with the surgeries. Life as a veterinarian is not as easy as we

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