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The Veterans Essay

  • Submitted by: cameronn
  • on April 2, 2008
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How I Honor My Veterans:

America must accept that it is slowly becoming a country not of the first-world class. We are accepted as western civilization, but many things point that we are profoundly different from all of the other “western countries”.
All wars feel all too preplanned and expected by the system, though are always concluded by drastic conflicts, and we are rushed into intense plans before we have the chance to question them.  
There is no good and evil anymore, and for someone like me to truly support war, is to fall into an unjust system and potentially die for it. Many of our veterans actually fought for something justified and saw that the preservation of America was possibly in jeopardy and fought and maybe died for our country. I honor the veterans who fought in those wars deeply, and just wish that the soldiers in our modern wars were fighting for something as well.
  To support the epitome of mankind in our modern times, is to support the political media and political corporations of our society. Blind and egocentric, they spread nobility in blowing things apart, and killing “the enemy“,   just to justify their wants. Wants for power and more money are the underlying conflict within the government, while needs are never involved. Countries have hypocrisy spread like a killer virus as people who claim a peaceful faith promote these bloodied battles and unending conflicts. The hypocrisy is at every angle and shows the true character of mankind, and that all the other characteristics are for ones self-satisfaction. This hate and ignorance should be shunned by these faiths, but it’s not and we continue climbing further and further up the stairs of destruction.
There is no love for our planet and our fellow human race. We are far away from the peace and tranquility that is offered to us by merely living, and the top of this destruction-staircase is nearer than we know.   I respect the veterans and that they fought valiantly for our...

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