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Introduction The vertical jump is a common and universally used movement. Ability to jump high, quickly and explosively is an essential skill within most sports. Whether it is jumping while playing volleyball, basketball, or dance, our muscles are working to exert the proper forces of energy to ensure correct body mechanics. However, muscular contraction is the same within every individual’s bodies, which creates the curiosity of the differences between a good and poor jumper, and how proper mechanics can be a contributing determinate. “Understanding the biomechanics of jumping is therefore a prerequisite for designing effective training programs which minimize the risk of overuse injuries that may result from excessive jumping, and the repetitive mechanical loading of muscles and joints that is involved in jump training” (Reeser & Bahr, 2002). Hence, this experiment will analyze the differences between skilled and unskilled jumpers. Furthermore, we will be able to understand how muscle strength and proper mechanics both contribute to a skilled jump. The countermovement vertical jump is an explosive, concentrated movement requiring a large amount of coordination. The object of the vertical jump is to get up in the air by exerting as much force against the earth’s surface to gain a greater reaction from the earth (Carr, 2004). The countermovement vertical jump is a non-repetitive skill that does not always have a discrete beginning point due to environmental conditions; however, it does always have a discrete end point. For example, during a volleyball game the blocker has to position himself in relation to the opposing hitter, and respond to the direction of the hit. The countermovement vertical jump is a force producing skill that not only generates force throughout the legs

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