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Vershire Company Vershire Company is a packaging company which one of its major divisions, the Aluminum Can division, is one of the largest manufacturers of aluminum beverage cans in the United States. The case is concerning the planning and controlling system of both sales and manufacturing division. The strengths and weaknesses for the planning and controlling system of both divisions are: Planning System Strengths: * Even though the sales forecast created by the divisional general managers is relatively general, but it based on the outlook, and market trends anticipation over two years. Besides that, the general forecast then accomplished with a market research. So the general forecast contains complete substance that will be very useful to anticipate competitive situations in the market * The sales estimation is quite reasonable and sound achievable since it is a combination of market assumptions based on research with the forecast of each district sales managers, those who have better understanding of each area of sales and will be responsible in achieving the sales target. * Visitation from head office to each plant is a good way of planning system. It shows there is good communication between controller staff from the head office and plant managers and both parties can give input or feedback. Weakness: * The idea of not easy to change the budget is good. However, the possibility that sales managers have authority to change the production plan with rationale of customer order can harm the manufacturing budget or even the budget at corporate level. The change of budget for any reason should be at the hand of at least divisional general manager who has authority to handle any possible dispute between divisions. Control System Strength: * The performance measurement and evaluation are scheduled soon after the end of each month. *

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