Versailles vs Vienna

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While both peace treaties intended on maintaining a lasting peace, The Treaty of Versailles would quickly fail and contribute to conflicts leading up to World War 2 and on the contrary, the successful Congress of Vienna would stabilize Europe for nearly a century until the Great War. The Treaty of Versailles sparks a savage, war spirit to be born within Hitler’s Germany, thus preventing any long lasting peace to avoid battle. The Congress of Vienna however utilizes Metternich’s principles to sustain conservative order. Ultimately, the fundamental objective of each peace treaty was to maintain some sort of lasting peace, to prevent war. Metternich, desiring to contain France, successfully unites Europe through the conservative Congress of Vienna. Its intent lies on suppressing potential revolutions in order to maintain peace. Wilson, wanting to contain Germany, allies with France in an attempt to seek peace with Germany without victory. Utilizing Metternich’s intervention principles, the Congress of Vienna successfully maintains conservative order and peace for a while until the Great War. As the first attempt of a multinational peace process, nothing is truly accomplished until Napoleon’s Hundred Days following his bold escape from Elba. With the potential strength France is capable is attaining being realized, more action is being prioritized towards the weakening, and containment of France. Meanwhile, monarchs regain power to the throne after Napoleon’s previous harsh destruction of their presence. Eventually, the Concert of Europe is assembled between Alexander I of Russia, Francis I of Austria, and Frederick William III, which intended to suppress any revolution that may occur. Rather than having success as did in the Congress of Vienna, the Treaty of Versailles fails to bring any peaceful characteristics to Europe. As Clemenceau demanded severe
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