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Vernissage Alex is met with many of the difficulties that a child is supposed to be facing, or maybe will be facing, in some time of their lives. Him growing up and learning more about, not just himself and his own personality, but also the influence and the importance of his parents, is the main theme in this short story by Claire Anderson-Wheeler. She had written this story, in what you could call simple, but describing English. The simplicity in this text could refer to the simplicity of being a child, because she in the first dialog (p. 1, l. 10-31) makes the sentences short and simple. If we look in a completely different direction, away from this simplicity and difficulties, you could say that the text brings the message about a kind of Oedipus complex. When you look at the text in its wholeness it may look innocent and funny, but the truth maybe a whole other. Like I said in the above, this could remind us a bit about the famous Oedipus complex, which is named after the Greek king Oedipus. Sigmund Freud, who was the first to tell us about the psychoanalysis phenomenon, the Oedipus complex, tells us that the king was born to marry his mother, and kill his father, and as the myth is told, the parents threw the baby away. But when he grows up, he begin to find his mother attractive, even though he don’t know it’s his mother, and the mother don’t know that it’s his son. So the end up getting married and Oedipus stabs the eyes of his father out. This may sound a bit rough, but that’s how the myth is told but when you compare this to Claire’s story, it actually makes a little sense, but not in the deadly kind of way. Because he has got some kind of attractiveness to his mother like in l. 24-30, where he keeps asking her about the dress, even though he can’t look at it. He still got a child’s respect to its mother, of not looking in her stuff, but on the other

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