Vernacular Language Essay

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Lee C. Hughes American Intercontinental University Vernacular Language HUMA215-1301B-16 Topics in Cultural Studies April 5, 2013 Abstract Vernacular language is everyday language spoken by people in a country which is their native language for instance Latin. Latin was used in literature with the educated rich because in the time only the rich were educated. All vernacular language originated from Latin. Vernacular language was so wide spread for the reason that many people did not speak Latin. Latin was considered to be a superior language only rich learned Latin. Because some poetry was written in the vernacular and not in Latin unlike everything else that was written in Latin and larger group of people could enjoy the poetry. (Sayre, 2013) Noble did not speak Latin because Latin was meant for the rich social class. Latin had a very great impact on the medieval ways. The rise of vernacular languages helped increase nationalism. There are many factors that offered to the accomplishment of vernacular language. One factor was the portable type printing press, and the vernacular language also let common citizens read and publish literature. When the invention by Gutenberg was made of moveable letters and a printing process it made it possible for a mass production for the spread of the vernacular language. This invention made it easier to reproduce literature in vernacular language so that the language could spread faster. The first book that Gutenberg printed in the vernacular language was the Bible. When the Bible was published into the vernacular language there were great changes in society and religion. Instead of just persists reading the Bible the average person started to read the Bible which started to make religion personal. With this change came the Protestant movement with Martin
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