Verizon Wireless Mission Statement

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Verizon Wireless Verizon Wireless, a New Jersey based company, was founded in 1983 and known at that time as Verizon Communications, Inc. It now specializes in two different sectors of telecommunications; Wireless communication via cellular phone (both domestic and internationally), and Wireline. Wireline is their voice, video, and data service - consisting of video streaming and conferencing as well as email and Internet data downloads. Verizon Wireless has embarked upon projects similar to the anticipated expansion growth of Friar Tucker and their one of five selected project endeavors. In the scenario the proposed projects equal an average of about 12.6 million per project (ranging from 7 million to 18 million). Verizon’s growth spurts have nearly doubled that on average; they have invested in joint ventures, partnerships, and…show more content…
Since then, Microsoft has spent billions of dollars in acquisitions to either eliminate competition or gain competitive advantage in the market. In 2000 they purchased Visio (wholesale drawing software) for more than 1.3 billion dollars. In 2002 they purchased another software company called Navision; again for about 1.3 billion, and in August of 2007 they acquired aQuantive – a digital marketing company for a whopping 6.3 billion plus. Initially, such a purchase does not seem to jive with the purpose and vision of a computer software company; perhaps Alan Tanaka’s vision of Templar Towers (though not highly favored by the others) is a direction Friar Tucker ought to take the company. Perhaps they ought to indulge in the proposed office complex; while 18 million dollars is the largest sum of initial investment between three other projects it does appear to have the potential to yield the largest Return on Investment (ROI). Such risks are often times necessary to grow and expand the company into a world

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