Verizon Focusing on Shareholder Value

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Case Analysis #2 "Verizon Is Creating a Culture that Focuses on Shareholder Value" Kevin Keating Using the competing values framework as a point of reference, it would appear that Verizon’s current organizational culture is a clan. One reason for concluding this would be the fact is that Verizon has invested the time and the resources to educate the workforce. By having the Learning and Development Organizations support each business unit( Management: A Practical Introduction, Kinicki/Williams McGraw Hill ,”Management in Action” page 257), it is training its people to increase the number of subject matter experts within the corporation. Furthermore, by having multiple skill sets its employees should find it easier to communicate, collaborate and, therefore, find it easier to come to a consensus on any given assignment or problem. Verizon is moving toward a combination of Adhocracy and Market Cultures. Supporting the Adhocracy Culture is the fact that Verizon wants its people to be adaptable, creative and quick to respond to changes in the marketplace. This is evident by training Verizon’s sales force prior to introducing the 4G LTE technology with 60,000 hours of technology and device training from January to August prior to its December 2010 rollout( Management: A Practical Introduction, Kinicki/Williams McGraw Hill ,”Management in Action” page 257). To make sure the training is effective they evaluate the customer service using snapshots to see that the training is effective and where it may need to be tweaked or upgraded, in addition, the company evaluates each representative by comparing their current snapshot to their previous snapshots to see their improvement on multiple metrics at 30, 60, 90 and 120 day intervals. The Market culture is identified by Verizon’s emphasis on creating shareholder value by implementing the Leading Shareholder

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