Verbal Communication Essay

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Verbal Communication People communicate in businesses with each other most often by oral communication. This talking takes place between managers, coworkers and subordinates alike. In organizations, communication skill is used to send messages 64% of the time. That is why it is important to understand all the concept of communication. Business documents are usually written in one language. Often times this language is English. English is known as the international language of business. English is spoken in more countries around the world than any other language. As businesses expand and international business expands translation of documents is often necessary especially in a business setting. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * Businesses most commonly look to people within their firms for the translation of documents prior to seeking outside agencies. International businesses often employ bilingual employees or employees whose primary language is English. It is important to seek individuals that have experience in your line of work when looking for someone to translate documents * If a company is not able to locate a translator within their employ, they will often seek the help of a business translation service. Seeking outside help for converting documents can be costly. Companies who are in this line of work employ linguistic specialists. They often hire individuals who are industry specific in your area of expertise. Most companies have a minimum of three people working on one translation. * Many companies employ certified registered translators. For an additional fee some companies offer certified translations. Certified translations have an additional document that says they are correct and represent the same meaning as the original document. The document

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