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As a child, I tended to like routine. I took comfort in the home I grew up in, sleeping beneath the same plastic glow-in-the-dark stars, eating at the same battered dining room table, and reading in the same ‘pleather’ La-Z-Boy barcalounger. In retrospect, I suppose I could attribute this to a devastating change that happened in my third year of life. My father left, for another family – and suddenly everything had changed. My parents did well to keep any conflict between them outside of our home. The shock of the change simply instigated my attachment to familiarity. So, whole adultery ordeal aside – I had a divine childhood. I grew to love my new family and to forgive my father. I lived in the city with my mother and two sisters, and part-time with my father, step-mum, and five new siblings out in the country. I bickered often with my two sisters who entertained themselves by bullying me. Though I suppress the majority of those memories, remembrances of my reoccurring entrapments inside the closets or spiders in my bed continue to haunt me. Luckily, my parents and my step-siblings favored me, and doted upon me constantly. As a single mum, the challenges never end. I doubt I could ever show my mother – the strongest person I have ever met – how much I appreciate her. I spent a significantly larger portion of my childhood with my mum, baking copious amounts of cookies, taking long walks to the Bridge Drive-In for ice cream, and helping out at her beauty parlor. My mother owned a beauty salon, and nothing made me happier than spending the day there, watching the ladies primp. For the most part, I visited my father once a week and on alternating holidays. I cherished my time with him, riding our quads through local trails, swimming in our small man-made lake, and following animal tracks (mostly unsuccessfully). My father took us on road trips every summer,

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