Venezula Essay

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What are the major elements and dimensions of culture in this region? Cannon, B. (2008). Class/Race Polarisation in Venezuela and the Electoral Success of Hugo Chávez: a break with the past or the song remains the same?. Third World Quarterly, 29(4), 731-748. doi:10.1080/01436590802075020. Permalink: This article explains the social divide within the Venezuelan citizen’s class system. Furthermore, Barry Cannon mentions that the social classes are polarized when it comes to claiming allegiance with Hugo Chavez, current president of Venezuela (2008). Cannon explains in the article that Chavez is known to attack the upper classes wealth and land while approaching the lower class with an open hand. The author looks to explain the classism and racism in Venezuela from the past and whether or not Chavez’s approach is helping or hindering progress into a supportive and equal nation. Although the wealthy are stripped of property and money, large corporations seem to arise from international sponsors. This is concerning due to the consistently high unemployment rate in Venezuela (Cannon, 2008). Discovering whether or not Venezuela’s social structure and government organization has a genuine concern for each class is important in finding out whether or not the Chavez era has been a success for both internal and external business. Palma, P. (2011). RIESGOS Y CONSECUENCIAS DE LAS ECONOMÍAS RENTISTAS. EL CASO DE VENEZUELA. (Spanish). Problemas Del Desarrollo. Revista Latinoamericana De Economía, 42(165), 35-59. Permalink: Pedro Palma wrote an article in 2010 explaining the risks and inevitabilities of an economy based mainly on one
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