Veggie Oil For ..Vehicles? Essay

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Veggie Oil For…Vehicles? VEGGIE OIL FOR VEHICLES? After reading the Chemistry in Focus titled Veggie Gasoline written by Corrina Wu and found on page 292 in our Introduction to Science Text Book, I was surprised to find out just how far along we have come with science that there are actually several versions of different bio-fuel products available and in the works today. It seems amazing to me that there isn’t more news about it. Why do we have so much drama, gas prices, war, and environmental pollution being carried on when such wonderful products have been discovered and produced? It seems such a shame to me. Why wait till we run out of petroleum resources or until we have ruined this planet beyond saving, why don’t we switch over before that happens? In the feature it mentions that soy beans, corn, canola, and sunflowers all have the potential to be used in cars as well as health foods. (Wu) Biodiesel fuel produces fewer harmful pollutants and because vegetable oils contain no sulfur they don’t give off the number one harmful toxin noxious sulfur dioxide, as our exhaust gases do. Biodiesel fuel can run in existing engines with little modifications and is far more bio-degradable than petroleum based fuel. It does have its draw backs but most of them could be solved and or have already been solved by using both together in measured percentages. An example of this being a fuel that is 20% biodiesel and 80% regular called B20. Veggies will one day be the wave of the future, hopefully before it’s too late. To support this In Focus topic and my opinion I have printed a copy of another article I found titled ”100% Biodegradable Synthetic Oil Ready For Automobiles” (Nano Chemical System Holdings) It talks about a product called NANOIL that will be produced using nano technology applications and how it too is a “Green” motor oil, being

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