Vegetarian vs Meat Eating

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Kayla Rosa English 112-15 October 12, 2011 Classical Essay Vegetarianism Vs. Meat Eating A lot of people overlook the importance of being Vegetarian. I do not think that we should eat meat because not only does it promote a longer, healthier life, but it also helps against cruelty towards animals. There are many other reasons why people should look into being vegetarian like: cruelty, increase in your energy, and who wouldn’t want a cheaper grocery bill! Everything listed has eating meat looking like it has the odds against it. For myself, I believe that the most important reason why we shouldn’t eat meat is because of animal cruelty. Not only are animals being treated cruel, but also there are many cases now or hoarding; which is another version of cruelty. According to the Humane Society about 250,000 animals are victims of animal hoarding a year. There is somewhat an understanding of why people hoard, but what I don’t understand is how people can do it to such an extent where animals are not getting the proper care. The only way for animals to get the proper care would be to change ways and be vegetarian. Although there are many types of vegetarianism, the most important is to stop eating meat. By not eating meat could save millions of animals their lives, and even give them a better life. The animals would be living lives how they’re supposed to; living in beautiful homes or even on a farm. People need to change their perspectives and think, “what if I was that animal”. It is such a shame to see people kill cows the way they do. The “killers” say they do it in a quick easy manner, but they never stop to think what they are really doing. By hitting a cow in the middle of its head, and trapping it in a tight space is wrong in so many ways. Instead of using all the energy trying to kill an innocent animals, it is much more useful to

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