Vegetarian Movement and Contraventions Essay

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Vegetarian Movement and Conraventions Human beings created and came to the earth. When they came here almost everythings is ready like vegetablesş fruits animals. The only thing is not isadjudication about what are they going to eat. As it is told during centuries human beings are omnivorous. But in 1848 human met the word vegetarianism. Vegetariansim is the theory or practice of living upon vegetables and fruits, a diet excluding all meat and fish. So people were vegetarianism anciently, the time when humanism philosophy was spread. When vegetarianism word was found controversy about it started. So many things have been written down. Some people believe that vegetarianism is going to solve the problems of the world like starving, heart disease or global warming but apart from them there are group of people who thinks it is an unnecessary theory or practices it seem like a utopia by them. So human became confused because so many things have been said but how can they know their reliability or incredibility. In this essay ht reliability of the sources is going to be ranked by giving examples by the goal of the organizations or authors. The less reliable source according to the research is “Why I Am Not A Vegetarian” by Dr. William T. Jarvis. How is the non-reliability of this text can be proved. The author is a doctor and the university he concerned is Loma Linda University in California. When the university is church it is realized that it is a religious university, which is the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus Christ. These shows that the author is totally a partisan when taking the consideration of the believes. It would be hard to accept an idea that contradicts his religion’s truth even it is true or proved. The next source is “The Manual Of Animal Rights” and the author is David Cowles-Hamar. The author is also singer. In the text it is tried to

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