Vegetables as Medicine Essay

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Super Foods; Blue green algae; It is very energising because it has rich array of nutrients. It contains chlorophyll, the oxygen carrying compound in your blood. It acts as a purifier of your systems and relieves inflammation of arthritis and skin conditions. Spirulina; Excellent fuel for the cells, increasing stamina and energy. Effective in increasing endurance and dramatically improving performance of long distance athletes. High in protein that also contains antioxidants, minerals and essential fatty acids. Chlorella; contains twice the chlorophyll of other algae, it is the greenest of all super foods. It helps our cell walls fortify themselves against invading viruses and toxins. It is a controlled growth factor, dramatic increase in energy and immune power. Barley and wheat grass; Used for energy and blood purifier, high concentrations of anti-aging enzymes (not recommended to be consumed on a high meat diet). Alfalfa grass; this grain has great strengthening and restorative powers, it lowers blood pressure, improves digestion, absorption of nutrients, and is energizing. Flaxseeds and flaxseed oil; The best fats of the omega 3 type are found in certain fish such as salmon, and also in algae. Tea; Especially green tea has proven medical benefits. Grains, sprouts, seeds, nuts, and beans; grains are an excellent source of protein, high in fibre, many vitamins and minerals and unsaturated fatty acids. Because sprouts are living foods they have a very high nutritional value, they are also very easy to digest. All seeds and nuts should be eaten raw. Beans are a very high form of protein, they do not send alarm signals to your cells and are less likely to contain high concentrations of environmental pollutions. Vegetables as medicine; Broccoli; fights against cancer, heart disease (3 day old sprouts are best) contains sulforane, detoxifying enzyme.

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