Vector Lab Report College Physics 121

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Connor Schroeder Vector experiment Objectives.: The objective is to determine the components of a single vector and to find the sum of two or more vectors using the force table. Apparatus : A force table, mass hanger and a slotted mass set are required to complete this experiment. Experimental procedure: On the table, you set a 200 gram mass at 30 degrees. Then you place another 200 gram mass on the 210 degree mark. Then we have to replace the mass at the 30 degree mark with two masses, one at the 0 degree mark and one at the 80 degree mark. Essentially we are trying to calculate the x and y component vectors of a 200g mass at 30 degrees. So what we did was we just guess and checked the variables of weight at the 0 degree mark and at the 90 degree mark’s pullys until the ring was centered. You can us+e the weight on each pully to calculate the magnitude and the direction of the component vectors at 90 and 0 degrees. For part c you need to find the components of triangles a, b, and c as labeled on the front bottom of my lab. You then need to find the sum all the x component and y component vectors. Then from the sum of the components you can use the Pythagorean theorem to find the resultant vector R. Data: part a experimental ax= 875g*m/s^2 ay = 980g*m/s^2 the theoretical values for ax and were

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