Vct 300 Final Marketing Plan

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Baderman Island Marketing Design Team B VCT/300 August 11, 2014 Jesse McElroy III Baderman Island Marketing Baderman Island Resort travel and tourism board is looking for a new poster and web advertisement to present at their seasonal marketing campaign conference. The poster printable advertising campaign size specifications calls for an 11” x 14” design. In addition, the design team will need to develop a 300 x 300 pixel web advertisement for the Baderman Island website. About Baderman Island The all-inclusive, self-contained resort vacation industry is becoming a growing trend for many vacationers. Bordered by the shores of the Kelsey River, Baderman Island Resort was established in 2004 to provide island guests and day visitors with an exceptional and excellent experience. The island’s design is intended to deliver an all-encompassing experience to its guests without having to leave the island. Baderman Island Resort offers price ranges for everyone, and whether guests are staying at the resort or are just visiting for the day, they are treated to a premium customer service experience. Baderman’s many amenities include luxury accommodations such as four-star dining and hotel accommodations, a botanical garden, convention center, art galleries, shops, and a professionally designed golf course. Design Team B’s Proposal Design Team B employs four highly motivated individuals who add to the unique dynamics of the team by bringing with them their unique design processes and experience. The objective of Team B’s designs is to acquire the bid by representing Baderman Island Resorts in the best-possible way. Team B has industriously worked together in producing the necessary advertisements that depict Baderman’s mission of providing their target audience with a unique and quality destination experience. The design team has incorporated into their

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