Vark Assesment Tool Essay

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The V.A.R.K Assessment Tool Learning is a process each individual person experiences from the day we are born into the world. Daily, our parents, teachers, priests, neighbors and even our children all deliver to us information that we responsible of absorbing and maintaining until we need later in life. Individuals learn at different paces and from different perspectives. The processing of information can be challenging at times for one individual and quite easy for another depending on the style in which the lesson is being taught. Therefore, it is imperative that in the learning process, individuals are well equipped with the appropriate learning preference in order to allow more efficiency and help eliminate exhaustion of needed time for learning. The V.A.R.K analysis tool is ideal in identifying learning styles and will equip the student with the necessary strategies to gain success in academics. After participating in the V.A.R.K, I come to agree with the results of my learning style as a ‘Read-Write Learner’. In the age of internet, text messaging, and e-college, I consider my strength in learn at best when I have a hardcopy textbook in hand. Throughout elementary, high school and even college, learning by investing hours reading a textbook, dictionary, handouts, magazines allows my mind to imagine and explore the topic of study as opposed to the convenience of a web-browser. By rewriting an author’s or professor’s words in a manner which I can clearly understand better prepares my knowledge of the topic at hand. The V.A.R.K strategies that I have implemented in learning are: “lists, headings, definitions, text books and notes”. The studies also suggest, I also read notes silently again and again with my surroundings remaining quiet. Interruptions such as my husband’s music or my eight year old son n attempting to get my attention is an irritating

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