Varjak Paw Stage Adaptation

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Varjak Paw By SF Said Text Varjak Paw is a small Mesopotamian Blue kitten who lives with his family in the Contessa's house on the hill. He is always made fun of because he isn't a proper Mesopotamian blue. When a large gentlemen and two mysterious black cats enter the house, Varjak and his grandfather, Elder Paw, know something is wrong. The family is split apart, leaving Varjak to embark on a quest to the city for help. Using a form of secret cat martial arts called "The Way of Jalal," handed down from his ancestor, the kitten must make his way through the city and overcome obstacles such as angry dogs, gangs of cats, and the mysterious "Vanishings.” Point of view The story is told with a third person omniscient narrator. The narrator knows what the characters are thinking and expresses this for them without use of dialogue. The narrator expresses the frustration of Varjak upon his family and fills in the back-story of mistreatment and tension. Who- Elder Paw and Varjak, Julius (Brother) provides the conflict Where- Room of the Contessa’s home, and the Garden When- One Afternoon What- The arrival of “The Gentleman” and family conflict force Varjak to strike out on his own with Elder Paw’s advice to seek a dog to remedy the situation. How- By leaving the house for the city. Why- The mysterious dog is the only thing powerful enough to use against a person in the cat’s reality. SCRIPT Nar- The Elder Paw was telling a story. A grand story of Jalal. Varjak- oh, grandfather! Tell me more of great ancestor Jalal. How he fought the fiercest Warrior cats and traveled from Mesopotamia with the Contessa. I so want to hear more, I have no adventures here. Nar- This old room must have been full of light in the past, but now is full of dust. The windows always closed and the doors always locked. {Varjak eyes around to see if

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