Various Trends in Policing Past Present and Future

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What are the various trends (past, present, and future) which impact the development and operation of policing? There are many factors from the past and the present that will impact the future development of policing. Keeping up with criminal actions in society has to keep changing and advancing the changing trends in the chairman of society. If policing learns from the past and change what needs to be changed the criminal justice system has the power to become one step ahead of the criminals. Back in the late 1800 police officers would walk the street making sure there was a good relationship between the police officers and the people of the neighborhoods. Everybody knew each other by name is and felt safe because it seemed like the police officers really did care about the actions done in his or her communities. Technology started involving, and there was less interaction between the officers and the community. Police officers started using cars to patrol neighborhoods and each officer and a two way radio. There became a big break down between police and communities.( “Police: History-Policing Twentieth Century America” the Reform Era (n.d.) Once the officers were placed in patrol cars people of the communities had to call and have an officer come to his or her house, to resolve a problem When this happened, it made people feel more isolated from the officers. This started bringing problems around on how citizens feel toward police in general. When new technologies started coming around the big impact between citizens and police was not understood in the beginning but years later the impact of the new technologies is understood. In present time technology is still evolving and the use of cameras on street corners have come in to play. These surveillance cameras are supposed to be another set of eyes for patrolling

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