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Yoyo Sleeper Time with Lubrication The problem that I am trying to figure out is the perfect amount of lubrication to apply to a yoyo, to get the longest sleep time. The yoyo I use has a ball barring in the middle of it, to make the sleep time greater. But after awhile, the stock lubrication wares off and you need to re-apply. But when you are given your yoyo they don’t tell you how much they applied. I predict that if I add a lower amount of lubrication, between 2-4 drops, that it would be the best amount to apply, causing it to have a longer sleep time than a large amount of lube. So to test this, I can add 1 drop of lubrication to my barring in my yoyo, then throw a sleeper, record the time, then continue to add drop by drop. When I start the testing I need to make sure I have constants so the results don’t get unbalanced. There is the string length, string type, type of yoyo, amount of force applied in to the throw, and the same ball barring. The string must be the same length because it effects the swing back time of the sleeper. The type is also very important because if you would have used a used string, it would be skinny and worn down on the edges. So after every test, swap the string out with another brand new one. The yoyo needs to be the same because some are better at sleeping than others, which will vary the sleep time drastically. The amount of force applied it just common sense. If you barley throw it, the yoyo will only sleep for a few seconds; Where if you apply a greater amount of force, the sleep time would go up. And lastly, using the same ball barring is the key to this experiment because after every test, you need to apply one more drop to the exact same barring. The independent variable is the amount of lubrication applied. The dependent variable is the spin time of the yoyo. The control is using the same ball barring, and adding 1 drop at

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