Vanishing Islands and Atolls Essay

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The Vanishing Islands and Atolls The Link to Climate Change and Global Warming Ricardo Pail Sarcar University of Saint Joseph Abstract In this study, I have investigated the climatological effects of global warming and climate change in relation to the vanishing islands and atolls of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans to determine the adverse effects of climate change to these islands. Secondary data was reviewed my personal computer using Internet search engines. To aid the search, a table of key terms was constructed and the sources located will be correlated with this. The information I have extracted from my research shows that the rising temperatures have been causing a very unstable climate globally which in turn causes severe weather conditions such as floods and tsunamis which have been wiping atolls off the oceans. The rising temperatures have caused ice to melt in the Arctic and the North Pole which have been increasing the volume of water in the sea, gradually rising up to the shores of the islands and atolls. The link between climate change and global warming to the vanishing islands in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans is very clear in my research. The Vanishing Islands and Atolls Families in some South Pacific, Atlantic and Indian islands have been moving out of the islands they have been living in. They usually move to neighboring cities for example, in from the island of Kiribati to cities in New Zealand as environmental/climate refugees. Climate refugees are people who have been forced to move to other countries because their islands have been almost rendered inhabitable due to rising sea-levels and the lack of resource for sustaining life in the island. Rising sea-levels have covered shorelines and will continue to shrink islands for the next fifty to one-hundred years when it is completely washed away. It has become

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