Vandalism Essay

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Vandalism Vandalism is a serious problem that exists in the novel Tangerine and the real world. Vandalism is the action of damaging a public or private property. Right now, vandalism is at an all-time high, which many people think was influenced from hip hop and rap culture. Commonly known types of vandalism are graffiti, arson, and hate crimes. Furthermore, the novel Tangerine contains examples of vandalism such as page 235,”...somebody [had] smashed up all the mailboxes and spray-painted all over the wall.” Vandalism doesn’t just occur in communities in Tangerine County, but also on public properties such as schools. Without proper solutions, vandalism can grow into a big issue. One way to reduce vandalism on school property is by increasing the amount of after-school activities. The usual suspects of vandalism near school property are students who loiter. As a student myself, I find groups of students “hanging out” after school. By increasing the activities after school, students can join clubs and simply keep busy there. With the reduced amount of children loitering near school property, most activity of vandalism in the area will decrease. For example, in the novel Tangerine many of the “gangs” Paul described Tangerine, MS, loitered near the school and were karate-kicking each other. However, if a karate club was open in the school, they can practice their skills under adult supervision. As you can see, this problem, vandalism, can relate to fictional stories and real life. Another way to prevent vandalism is by increasing the amount of security around properties. These security changes, such as security patrols, cameras, and fencing around the property, will help in preventing acts of vandalism. With security patrols, vandals will think twice before destroying any property. Also, by adding more cameras, we will be able to
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