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Trene’e Thomas ArtA101 March 6, 2012 Van Rijn Rembrandt The reason I choose to do my research paper on Van Rijn Rembrandt is because I found his paintings interesting. The thing that attracted me to his paintings is the religious meaning. Some of his paintings imitates certain events that accrued during the time of Jesus Christ, this is what I believed was fascinating. Besides his paintings nothing else I found was interesting. “In all, Rembrandt produced around 600 paintings, 300 etchings, and 2,000 drawings. He was a prolific painter of self-portraits, producing almost a hundred of them (including some 20 etchings) throughout his long career. Together they give us a remarkably clear picture of the man, his looks, and - more importantly - his emotions, as misfortune and sorrow etched wrinkles in his face. Among the prominent characteristics of his work are his use of chiaroscuro, often using stark contrasts, thus drawing the viewer into the painting; his dramatic and lively scenes, devoid of any rigid formality that contemporary artists often displayed; and his ostensibly deeply felt compassion for mankind, irrespective of wealth and age. His immediate family - his wife Saskia, his son Titus, and his common-law wife Hendrickje - often figured prominently in his paintings, many of which had mythical, biblical, or historical themes”. Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn was born on July 15, 1606 and passed away on October 4, 1669. Rembrandt was considered one of many great painters in European art history he was also the most valued united provinces (Netherlands) painter in the seventeenth century. Rembrandt was known as a talented engraver, during his time he created many drawings. His benefaction to art was in a period that historians referred to as the “Dutch Golden Age”. This age was in the 17th century, it contained Dutch Culture,

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