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A hundred bolts of satin The poem titled “ A hundred bolts of satin” by Kay Ryan is about the idea of mind coming apart. The poem came from a website called Poetry Foundation. The idea of mind coming apart is presented metaphorically as a train uncoupling carriage by carriage. The poets basic premise seems to be that memory is a delicate thing made of hundred of fragments of a persons history. “ A hundred bolts of satin” is a free verse poem due to the inconsistent rhythm. The poems short lines and lack of consistent mater gives the poem a them of disconnection. This disconnection refers of the ideas not connected to our minds. It’s rhythm makes it seem that the speaker is having trouble speaking or struggling to communicate with the audience. Her shortcomings are not letting the speaker make a clear statement. Kay Ryan’s poem uses separate train cars to show the compartments of our mind, which are useless if they are not correctly connected. The objects that are in these train cars, for example: the tractor axels, the clasp knives, and the hundred bolts of satin, do not have any matter of use, just as the thoughts and the knowledge that we got in mind that are useless when your mind is not working properly. This idea is presented when the author says” things that you can unpack from the abandoned cars cannot sustain life”. Which it means that we can’t live without a well developed and functioning mind. Ryan is using “life” as a metaphor because people can sustain life with mental illness. People can survive mental illness but they might not enjoy it as a mentally healthy person. Kay Ryan makes the conclusion of this poem by saying “perhaps you specialized more that you imagine”. These four lines have a lot of meaning. Ryan is saying that even if humans consider themselves to be more complex that some train cars, we really aren’t and can come

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