Vampires Portrayed Sexuality

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Examine the representation of vampires and sexuality in cinema or television. Vampires have long been depicted in films as something to be feared and to avoid at all costs. Cardace (2009), for example, said that before Twilight, vampires were heart stoppers, not heartthrobs. Vampires have also been connected with fears of foreign people, since the eastern European spectre of the count. It has only been in recent years with film releases such as those in the Twilight series, originally books by author Stephanie Meyer, that these previous images are being given a different new angle. Now it is more often the case that vampires are being seen as something more sexually attractive. Early films such as ‘Vampyres’, a film made in 1974 and produced by Brian Smedley-Aston, is often coined as the UK apotheosis of the sex-vampire movie, Pirie, (2008). The film depicts two ghosts as well as vampires, who inhabit an old house, searching for prey and lusting for sex. The film contains strong sexual content, but according to Pirie (2008) does more than parade nudity, rather the film, with its strong rain soaked vegetation, employs a vivid natureous scene, along with, the violent sexual nature of the vampires. The film, was later re-released as Daughters of Dracula, and many similarities can be drawn with the film, Dracula, in terms of its theme and in terms of its props, such as, according to Pirie (2008) the castle like house and the elegant goblets of wine. Within this film, one of the female vampires becomes so obsessed with her partner that she cannot keep her hands off him, aware that with every bite she takes; he becomes weaker and weaker, thus demonstrating the violent sexual nature of the vampire. Indeed, in one scene, another vampire girl is seen literally prising the lifeless figure of her partner from the arms of another vampire, who has drained his body of all
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