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Vampires Mythical creatures are some legendary creatures, who were believed to be real beings, while some have their origin traced from literary myths. They can be divided into two groups; the first group consists of creatures that everyone agrees to have existed or still exist today and the other group is composed of creatures in which not everybody agrees as to whether they have existed or not. Most myths die down over the years, there are still many myths that have carried into the modern era. One of which are the vampires. In sense, you could say a vampire is a corpse that is not really dead, although it retains more its human qualities than a lich or a zombie would. Basically you could also say that a vampire is a corpse that has been reanimated. They have a nocturnal lifestyle. They arise at night to drink the blood of the living to replenish themselves. The word “vampire” itself originates from the Slavic word “obyri”, which evolved into the Bulgarian vampire. Another word for vampire, “nosferatu”, comes from the Greek “nosophoros” which means plague-carrier. 3 erinevat Commonly it is said that vampires can’t stand the light, the original belief is that they would die if they stepped out into the sun light in a few seconds. The exception, of course, would be the original vampire, which would be stronger than regular pure breed vampires. They also can’t see themselves in mirrors, because they don’t have any reflection. Vampires usually don’t eat anything, but only drink blood from the living people. Vampires sleep in coffins, because it protects them from sunlight and they’re comfortable. Vampires have a unique appearance. They have a human form, but have several traits that make them appear distinctly different. They must work hard to blend in. They are said to have pale skin, they don’t have a reflection in mirrors, and they grow fangs. Vampires that

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