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Vampire 2 Hope and the carnival It all started three nights ago at the spring carnival. The carnival was a town tradition for the past 120 years. There were always lots of roller coasters, games and food venders. My favorite was the rockin’ coaster; it always had loud metal music, went up and down and spun in different directions. This year there was beautiful woman operating the coaster. My friends and I noticed her right away, she was 5’8” of pure beauty, and she had long auburn hair, green eyes and a drop dead figure. I struck up a conversation with her I really like her and I could tell that she liked me too. After the carnival closed for the night, around 2am, we went for a walk along the beach. She said that her name was Hope and that her family had been with the carnival for about 6 years. Hope said she had been to here before with the carnival, though I don’t recall ever seeing her before. We walked and talked with each other for about three hours then Hope said she should get back before her family got worried about her. We agreed to meet again tomorrow night. The next night she agreed to go to a party with me at the beach. The party included people that I knew from school and others from around town. By the time we arrived the party was in full swing. People where dancing, drinking and some were even swimming, though not all had suits on. We had been there for an hour or so and Hope and I were enjoying ourselves. Then this Vampire 3 I went back to the carnival the next night to try and see Hope and maybe get some answers. Thad stopped me before I could get to Hope and told me that if I wanted to see his sister again that I would have to talk to their father, Stephen. Thad led me to the back of the carnival to a small trailer. He opened the door and shoved me inside. There stood a tall slender man with short black

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