Values For Work Life Essay

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Work, this four letter word can take on a completely different definition depending on who is being asked, ranging from early teens on their first day of work to elders on their very last due to retirement. Employers look for people who will represent them in a positive way. Work experience is the best thing teenagers can ever do. Work experience is both educating and enjoyable. It helps starting teenagers get out into the Real World, meet new people and most of all, it gives the teenagers a feel of whether they suit their job of choice or if it is not for them. The teenagers will get told about the job they have chosen to work in and learn many skills that go with that job. Which is set of personal values that can range from physical, such as hard work and punctuality, to the more mental, such as self-reliance, and concern for others. Personally, my values have to deal with the ones I grew up with, and usually most of these values determine the type of person I am. As a child everyone has a goal that we want to accomplish, we want success for ourselves and we try our best to accomplish those goal. Being successful is something hard to do. We all have to start from the bottom and work our way up. The values that I have is honestly, Adaptability and the best for last College Education. For an individual, committing to and applying values releases fresh energies, which always attract success, achievement, and well-being. The value of honesty in your life makes you trustworthy. Your honesty will allow you to advance in both your personal and professional life. Employers value employees who maintains honesty above all else. Good relationships are built on trust. When working for an employer they want to know that they can trust what you say and what you do. Successful businesses work to gain the trust of customers and maintain the attitude “the customer is always

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