Values and Morals Essay

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Newspaper Article LaShaunda Smith April 26, 2013 Basic Critical Thinking Everest University Using the articles you found as a resource, explain the concern using the five "Problem Solving Methods" found on page 104 of your textbook. Colorado Ponders the Economics of a Marijuana Tax: The fact that if Marijuana is legalized and properly regulated its proponents have long Said it could generatemillions of dollars in state tax revenue. But how the drug should be taxed has proved to be a throny question. The result I aiming for in this situation that they all reach some sort of agreement regarding the 64 Amendment for the use and regulation of marijuana. Step 2: Only letting adults who are over the age of 21 who are reliable to consume the drug to be tax and allowed to carry and possess the drug. Another alternative can be only letting a certain amount of marijuana be tax like certain amount of lbs of which will also be legal. Alternative 1: advantage-Trusting those appropriate age groups are doing the right thing. Disadvantage: Having those adults who are old enough to consume the drug, getting the drug for the ones who aren’t old enough pretty much how it is now; (the drug dealer selling drugs to ones who are underage) Alternative 2: Advantage- Only letting a certain amount being allowed to be in these adults possession. Disadvantage: When going to purchase the drug they can be purchasing more that is allowed or more that is allegal. Another Alternative that can also have his advantage is having these of age individuals go through a class and screening to get them to get a license to carry and sell marijuana. Solution: There is no solution just yet and I couldn’t quite come up with one but Dr. Miron who support legalization said that as long as federal marijuana laws continued to be unsettled, collecting taxes would be challenging moreover he said

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