Values And Ethics Essay

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This paper discusses the role of ethics and professional values, their interactions and experiences as they relate to career success. At times difficult situations in a business environment may have ethical implications. Differences in ethical attitudes and moral orientations can affect the decision making process within a company or business (Bernardi, Bosco and Columb, 2009). It is important that individuals develop a sense of ethical awareness and understand the impact of socially responsible behavior in the corporate workplace. Locker (2002) stated the following, “to help clients encourage good people to do the right thing”. KMPG Peat Marwick, a Big Five accounting firm offers an “ethics audit” to increase discussion of ethical issues in the work place and identify places where an organization’s system may break down (p.16). Both values and ethics are virtually impossible to define because of the enormous variables that play into both of those words. But if I were to differentiate the two words, ethics would be attached to words such as right and wrong and used mostly in the professional side of life, whereas values would be used to describe something that is important to someone in their personal life. There are multiple types of ethics that we use daily, and they are ethical decision making, ethical behavior, ethical leadership, and even organizational ethics. As Joseph (2000) would describe, “organizational ethics are a set of formal and informal standards of conduct that people use to guide their behavior at work. These standards are partly based on core values such as honesty, respect, and trust, but they also can be learned directly from the actions of others”. Although ethics within a career setting is necessary, it is important that a company has strong values to build a solid foundation for the company. It is said that if a company has a

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