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What are values? Values are steadfast, assessable beliefs that guide our decisions, behavior, and performance for causes and results of our action in different situations. . Why the values are important to individuals? The factor is that we are more likely to apply values when we face the relevant situation. Values can affect performance, work efficiency and work behavior and so on. For instance, people who have self-direction values are more independent and creative, they intend to explore something new. As can be shown, people have various values, one thousand individuals have one thousand different values. Some think that self-direction is more important, whereas others think that tradition is more important. Therefore, I discussed about values with my uncle, Ted. In this report, I will demonstrate the discussion about how values affect individual’s behavior. Also, I will analysis how person's values associated with organization's dominant values. Ted was a member of a company in Beijing when he was young; however, he did not have work experience before. He is the most ambitious person I have ever met. And he aspires achievement very much. During our discussion, I have asked him some questions and opinion about his job and values He told me that his job began in September, during the first month, his supervisor was not satisfied with his performance. Because his supervisor was in the pursuit of success either. And, he was always told that he was not smart enough and not qualified with this job. He was upset and stressed out everyday. At first, he refused some commands given by his supervisor, and then he realized that he could not just give up, he did not want to be a loser, he should work even harder like the supervisor. And then, he treated every program carefully, even a small number on the record, he was so motivated and tried best to finish every

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