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Values can be defined as the universal idea of appropriate and pleasing action. People were born to follow their beliefs and thoughts, which are developed by those who have come before us. In an environment, someone who has different society ideas and values, might dress and behave differently from others. These individuals would sometimes be seen as abnormal and would most likely be excluded by other “normal” ones. The instinct of humans is approval from each other that make most of individuals in a particular society to the popular appearance and behavior rules which reflect the particular society's values. Human beings do not thrive when isolated from others. And we all need a sense of belonging. John Donne’s Meditation XVII demonstrates the connection all humans have with one another. A belief shared not only by his fellow Christians, but people all over the world. Today, 300 years after the poem was written its themes are still relevant and widely discussed. The aspect of universal values such as this is not only universal in a matter of space, but evidently also in a matter of time. We will now look more closely at Donne’s poem and the appearances of this theme in music leading to a comparison to see how these universal values sit so deep in the core of us human. In this poem one of the things Donne is approaching is death. Not necessarily death in itself, but the effect death has on mankind as a whole. In this meditation, Donne meditates upon the sounding of a church bell does in this coherence signify a funeral. He observes that every death diminishes the large fabric of humanity. We are all in this world and in this lifetime together, and we ought to learn how to live better lives from the suffering of others, so that we are better prepared for out own death, which is merely a transition to another world, in the believes of Donne. He wonders if the

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