Values Essay

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Values Values according to Macionis are culturally defined standards by which people judge desirability, goodness, and beauty, that serve as broad guidelines for social living. To break it down into simple words, values define our insights on the world. In a way values make our decisions on where we go, who we date, and even what we eat. Values support many of our beliefs, they also vary depending on the culture the person is in. I completely agree with the fact that values define so many aspects in our lives. They make our decisions on what we believe is good, desirable, and beautiful. Our values also depend on our culture and where we are in time and space. A great example of our values influencing our judgment on things is the cow. The cow is an animal that we Americans take for granted because of the fact that our society made it so by killing them and serving them up between a pair of buns and a side order of French fries and a large diet soda. However, not many people know that in India the cow is a sacred animal, the cow is worshiped like no other. I personally like many Americans worship the cow, but only because of the great meal they provide us. I do think that cows are good, desirable, and beautiful; to eat. Americans and Indians worship the cow, but in different ways because of the completely different societies we live in. Values also dictate on who we date, for instance I perceive a good looking woman as tall, very slim, and usually blond with colored eyes, with no hair anywhere but her head. She must wear minimum amount of clothes and preferably in high heels. That’s the way me as an American value a beautiful woman. Whereas in countries such as the middle-east they see a beautiful woman as fully clothed from head to toe without having to be shaved and that is beauty for them. If a woman covered up from head to toe and a woman with the minimal
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