The Value Of A Woman: America Vs. Pakistan

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Equality. To some equality is viewed as a God-given right, whereas to others it simply just does not exist. Gender, race, and economic status may sometimes be the determining factor on one’s value (how important one is in each unique culture) in certain societies and it has been this way for centuries all over the Earth. In the political story The Useless Sex, Oriana Fallaci, an Italian writer born in 1929, illustrates the extreme differences between women in the United States of America and the women in Pakistan. A woman’s self-worth, the value of a woman to her society, and a woman’s independence from the male population are three apparent dissimilarities of females in the United States and females in Pakistan. Women in the United States have much more freedom than women in Pakistan. From birth, Pakistani women are taught that they do not exist. They do not have the right to vote, make their own decisions, and they definitely cannot voice their individual opinions in society, nor their husbands. Even the father of a Pakistani girl believes that his daughter is nothing more than a future breeding tool. For example, the young daughter of a Pakistani man is sold to the young man of a different family. The role of this young girl in her new family will be to produce as many males as her body will allow. In return, the women in Pakistan will grow up with the mentality that they are just the backstage crew in the production of life. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that the women in Pakistan honestly believe that they are below the men in their country because they continue to allow this behavior to transpire. When it is constantly shoved in someone’s face that they are nothing, then they will accept and assume the responsibility (or some may actually say: the lack of responsibility) of being non-existent. On the other hand, women in the United States

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