what value does education have?

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What value does education have? The process of education occurs over the entire span of a person’s life. All aspects of everyone’s entire life provide him or her with opportunities for education. Education only pauses when someone chooses to forget what he or she was doing, or they are just plain doing nothing. People are rarely doing nothing. Education comes in many forms throughout a person’s life, and each form can enhance success in different aspects of your life. Our education began before we even can remember learning. For example I cannot remember learning how to walk but I know how to walk. I wasn’t born knowing how to walk so I must have learned. I can’t remember learning how to speak but I can speak and I am still adding new words to my vocabulary today. We use these skills and knowledge everyday with out thinking about it. It is easy to realize how difficult our life would be with out knowing them. My first memory of actually being taught came before I started school in sports. In T-Ball we learned basic skill and rules of the game of baseball. My first recognition of authority beyond my parents came on the T-Ball field during my first game. Our team managed to get three outs in one inning. I jumped for joy and started to run into the dug out to take our turn at bat. The umpire called me back out on the field to tell me everyone gets to bat each inning. I argued that we got three outs. The umpire smiled and told me that doesn’t matter and everyone gets to bat. I ask perplexed, ”What’s the point?” The umpire said, ”T-Ball is just for fun and to learn the game.” I really didn’t understand at the time, all I realized was I had to do what the umpire told me to do at the time. My next recognition of authority came in high school from Mr.Renolds. He was the head of campus security at my high school. He was often referred to as the Dean

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