Value Chain: Healthcare Marketing Essay

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Value Chain: Healthcare Marketing Name Instructor’s Name Course Name Value Chain In organizations, values are very important as they facilitate in associating with the internal as well as external components and direct the relationships amongst the various systems (Magretta, 2012). Generally, value chain evaluates the value which each and every process in an organization or activity adds to an organization or business’ products or services. The idea of value chain is based on random collection of machinery, money, or equipment in an organization. As such, a competitive value chain aids an organization, for instance, healthcare organizations to stand apart from the competition.The value has to be unique and best set to deliver exceptional services that are not offered by competitors. In a health organization, I would ensure that as the marketing director, I advocate for latest supportive services of the value chain by lobbying for current technological equipment used in health institutions during management meetings.This is because in the health sector, contemporary times have seen the advance in technology enabling treatment of various diseases. Further, employing latest technology amongst the workforce has been able to facilitate fast and efficient services. Through social interactive forums, that is in social media, I would provide information on the distinct services that the health institution provides. This would be through interactive forums on community websites as well as advocating for regular follow up services on treatment offered by the health institution. Additionally, since there is no system that can work independently but work as a unit which is part of a whole system, I would support the crucial service of human resource in training the hospital staff on the use of technology. This is attributed to the fact that the added value should
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