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Valuation Transaction Consulting Real Estate Advisory Fixed Asset Management Introduction to Intangible Assets Presented by Varun Gupta ® Agenda Introduction and Overview of Objectives Section One: What Are Intangible Assets? Section Two: Why & How We Value Intangible Assets? Section Three: Reconciling the Valuation of Intangible Assets 1 Introductions Instructor: Managing Director, American Appraisal India Pvt. Ltd. MBA from IIM Calcutta Over 14 years of Financial Advisory experience 11 years in PwC 2 years in Deloitte 1 year at American Appraisal Key experience Business and intangible assets valuation Financial planning and business modeling Contact Details Email: Mobile: +91 99 6766 4231 2 Course Objectives The overall objective of this course is to provide you with a working knowledge of intangible assets, why and how they are valued, and how they relate to the overall business enterprise By the end of this course, you should be able to: Define intangible assets Describe the major categories of intangible assets Identify the commonly recognized intangible assets Define the three most common valuation approaches Assess which valuation approach(es) best applies to some of the individual intangible assets 3 Section One: What Are Intangible Assets? Agenda Section One: What Are Intangible Assets? Accounting Balance Sheet v/s Valuation Balance Sheet Definition and Overview Types of Intangible Assets Types of Intangible Assets Defined Q&A 5 Accounting Balance Sheet v/s Valuation Balance Sheet Book Value and Market Value (as of March 31, 2009) Book Value (INR Bn) 20.6 182.5 137.4 Market Value (INR Bn) 517.7 758.4 697.7 Premium over Book Value 2,411% 315% 408% Company Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Infosys Technologies Ltd. ITC Ltd. * As of March 31,2008 6 Accounting Balance Sheet v/s

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