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Valproate Essay

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I came across an interesting article about a drug that can give you perfect pitch. It caught my attention because I love to sing but I have the worst voice. By taking this drug, if it’s not a serious drug, I would be able to sing my heart out and not be ashamed! My brother on the other hand has perfect pitch. He has the ability to spot a flat/sharp and hit the correct tune without any references. I am so jealous of him. But even though he has that talent, he hates to sing. It’s such a waste of a talent, if it was given to me I would have used it for great purposes. Studies say that perfect pitch may be a genetic trait but I don’t see that being true in our family. Like me, my father has no pitch at all. Although he feels that he is singing on tune, he is in reality way off and sounds horrible. My brother and I both had musical training as we were younger. I actually played music much longer than him. From piano to clarinet, flute, guitar, cello I had private lessons three times a week from when I was five years old till fourteen years old. And none of it worked for me apparently because I have horrible pitch.
In detail, the drug valproate belongs to a class of drugs known as histone deacetylase inhibitors - it is marked under the names Depakote, Depacon and Stavzor. This drug is known to cure migraines, epileptic seizures and mood disorders, including bipolar disorder. Valproate enhances ones neuroplasticity which enables them to pick up skills more easily. Children have a degree of neuroplasticity during their early ages which explains why they learn things so quickly compared to adults. After childhood, neuroplasticity lessens and they lose that ability. But valproate is tested to bring that ability back.
To test the hypothesis, researchers gathered twenty-three male volunteers between the ages 18-27 and them either valproate or placebo. The twenty- three volunteers took either drug for two weeks and were coached on the basics o pitch and other music...

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