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There are many different types of music in the world. Vallenato is a type of music from Columbia. Vallento comes from the phrase “nato del Valle” or native of the valley. The basic instruments used in Vallenato are the accordion, a bongo, and a guiro. It has been influenced by African European music and Colombian rhythms. Vallenato has four basic rhythms. They are son, paseo, merengue, and puya. The first type of rhythm is son. Son is the slowest of all the rhythms. Son is usually accordion driven and is often performed solo. It is also played to express sadness. The melody is carried by the singer and the accordion usually offers an extended bass passage played solely with the left hand. Many popular Vallenato songs were performed in this style before they were changed in Paseo. The second type of rhythm is called paseo. Paseo is the most commonly played rhythm in Vallenato music and is also the most poular. It is faster than son and it is divided into two types. They are slow paseo and fast paseo. Slow paseo is usually romantic while fast paseo is quicker and uses the accordion to light up the song. Many people cannot tell the difference between fast paseo and merengue because of the speed at which they are played. Another type of Vallenato rhythm is merengue. Merengue is usually faster than paseo and son and it sounds much happier. Due to its similarities with Dominican merengue, many people trace its origins back to the Caribbean Islands. This can help differentiate it from different rhythms. It is also the most festive and entertaining for parties. Many merengue songs are written about love stories so it is the most narrative. The last type of rhythm is puya. Puya is the fastest of the four rhythms. It is also the most complex but it is the easiest to grasp. Puya is the oldest form of Vallenato and it will usually feature all three of the

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