Valentino Chocolate Essay

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Step 1: Background Valentino is a public listed company which is well-known for its luxurious chocolate made in Turin, Italy. Its chocolate which goes under the brand name of Valentino have a delicious and distinctive taste. In addition to that, Valentino has also won many international awards for their finest handmade chocolates. The company first came around by only selling raw chocolate to other manufacturers. Soon after that, they began selling packaged chocolates directly to the market. Regrettably, the products of Valentino are losing appeal in recent years. The products of the company are too limited in varieties. To make matters worst, its newly me are not hitting the market well. This led to a slower sales growth for the pass three years. Cost has also been continuously increasing in these few years. Consequently, it affected the company’s profit significantly. Step 2: Problem statement Valentino is a renowned chocolate manufacturer based in Turin, Italy which is undergoing a financial problem in terms of decline in profit and sales growth, all in which is due to an ineffective and inefficient management which failed to create a strong brand as well as failed to satisfy market demand. Step 5 Problem solving framework 1 Expand product line Product Perspective 1. Will the new packaging for the current and new product increase the company’s sales? • It will be more appealing as the products will have a fresh new look 2. Which new places will the new products launched? • Developed countries: US, UK, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, etc. . Planning Perspective 1. What kind of pricing will be used for the company’s new
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