Vaikkom Muhammed Basheer The Humanist And Humorist Essay

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It is hundred years since Muhammed Basheer was born in an Orthodox Muslim family at Vaikom of Central Kerala in1908. In the 1920’s when Indian Independence struggle had reached its peak under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, Basheer was a student in his village school. The burning national consciousnesses in his mind made him quit school and leave home without telling anyone and without a paise in his pocket, to take part in the Freedom Movement. There started his never-ending journey of life. He reached Kozhikode, which was the nerve center of the Movement in Malabar and participated in Salt Satyahraha, which saw him jailed soon. This was the beginning of the physical tortures and jail life that form the backdrop of many a story. Then started the decades-long journey through the towns and villages of India as the quest of life. As a person who practiced only what he truly believed in life and who had abundant love for all creations in the whole universe, there is an under current of love in his stories. This great emotion flowing from the heart of this Sufi and sanyasi embraces not only human beings but also all the creatures of the universe. One must say that there are no perfectly black and white characters in his stories. In other words there is not one character that is utterly detestable. The great humanitarianism of Basheer is seen in even the portrayal of villainous characters that receive the creator’s empathy and kindness forceful enough to raise the same feelings in his readers too. In short, neither Basheer nor his readers hate any character fully despite many flaws he may have. It takes all kinds to make a world! I intend to study this humaneness that never abandons Basheer, neither in his works nor in his life. For the purpose I shall utilize material from all his writings in addition to dissertation on Basheer’s works by

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