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Description Paper Vacation in Orlando For Thanksgiving we went on a family vacation to Florida. We spent a week together and got to do many different activities. The best part of the whole trip was getting to spend a lot time with family. We had so much fun together and laughed so much. There were fifteen family members who stayed in the house in Orlando. We stayed at the Reunion Resort which was ten minutes from the Walt Disney World parks. The Reunion Resort had a playground, golfing, pools, and spas. Our house was beautiful, it had five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a big kitchen and family room where we could all hang out. We did many things like go to the parks and ride rides with the family. We went to Magic Kingdom to see the parades, got to ride Splash Mountain which was a water ride, and Space Mountain which was a roller coaster ride that went very fast. Another ride we rode was the hunted house. It was a little bit scary at the end because there was a ghost sitting in your car. At night there were fireworks at the castle. My family all loved this part of the trip because they were the best fireworks we ever saw. On other days we went to Ecpot and rode test track. We also got to see Illuminations, which was a show of fireworks at night. At Hollywood studies we road the Toy Story ride, which was so much fun. This is where you had to shoot at targets. We all tried to get the best score so some of us came out with a sore arm because we were pulling the cord to shoot so fast. When you came out you got to see who had the best score, my cousin Joey won. The other things we all did as a family was go shopping at Downtown Disney to buy tons of gifts. We went swimming in the community pool and ate lunch at the pool bar. We also swam in our pool at the house when we felt like staying

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