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VCE Conflict Blog ----------------------- Home Page Comments Tags Archive (January (February (March (April (May (June (Goods Vs bad (Indigenous Week About me I am a Year 12 VCE student doing conflict in English. And I’m writing a blog about the conflict with racism and abuse people get during sports and events. The prompt that I have been given: ‘As conflict intensifies, so does the pressure to become involved.’ Wednesday 02st June 2013 Goodes V’s Bad [pic] On the 1st of June, Adam Goodes pointed out the 13-year-old abuser to…show more content…
The message that: racism is not right, even if you’re joking, even if you’re being descriptive. Racism is not right. Goodes was faced with a conflict that progressively got worse for him and other players. This abuse would have put an extra pressure on him that was not necessary. Pressure that could have change that way he was playing. Some may say that the girl’s parents are to blame. They were there too, why didn’t they tell her too stop. Tell her that abusing a player ‘for fun’ is wrong, even calling them ‘apes’, or other negative words to put the player down. Should she be more educated? Is what Adam Goodes did, right or wrong? Posted by Mieka Longmuir at 10.48am Comments: Jen Supporsor at 11.02am He defiantly did the right thing, this is the start of a new age in AFL. Even tho it was a girl it just means anybody can be caught for racial abuse. Gazzz at 11.30 am Yeah he did the right thing, stand up for yourself man, don’t get push around by these stupid people anymore Samson Jay at 11.45am As if you believe that, Jen Supporsor! He did so many things wrong! Can’t believe he picked on a 13-year-old girl. Seriously man you have a

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