V Is for Vendetta

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Period 9/10 Ms. Cordivari English 5 V for Vendetta Vs. 1984 When the movie first began, I noticed many similarities between 1984 and V for Vendetta. There was voice on a loudspeaker alerting the citizens of curfew time. This restriction the city has on the people in V for Vendetta is similar to the immense amount of control that the party has over the people of 1984. Once I saw the scene where V blew up a building in protest to the government, I knew he would easily be comparable to Winston because they both saw the corruption from within. Both Winston and V want to take down a dystopian government that rules by people intoxicated with power. They both believe a revolution can happen if the proletarians rise up. The main power of each work (Big Brother in 1984 and the government in V for Vendetta) tries to suppress the people and ruin their lives by using fear. The main characters V, Evey, Winston, and Julia all represent the rebellion. Both the movie and the book have the government watching the people to gain control. In 1984 the thought police and the telescreens and in V for Vendetta there are the monitoring vans. Also, the ways each governments transfer their information to the people is very similar. Both broadcast government media publically, through giant screens in public. Also, both governments change the past. V for Vendetta and 1984 both used torture to gain information from the characters. Now, V used torture methods on Evey to prove to herself that she didn’t fear anything anymore unlike how O’Brien tortured Winston to mentally break him. Both the movie and the book had a love connection between the characters. Winston and Julia’s relationship was a rebellion against the party because when they would have sex they were rebelling and also they both shared the common hate towards the party. V and Evey fell in love which is in a way rebellion
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