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------------------------------------------------- English Study Notes Extended Text: Tomorrow, When the War Began – John Marsden Film: V for Vendetta – James McTeigue Extended Text: Themes: The main themes to focus on when writing an essay on Tomorrow, When the War Began are: survival, change, morality of war, loss of innocence or relationships. With all of these themes you can talk about how the morality of war has allowed leaders to step up (e.g. Homer changing from a joker to becoming the group leader, helping the group survive), how values are questioned (Robyn – whether or not to kill to save herself and her friends or to die because of the values she was brought up with) and loss of innocence occurs because in order to survive the group must forget their easy life and fight for what they want. They must mature into young adults who are brave and strong willed. Through survival which is shown through the whole text, the morality of war is developed. All of the characters begin to realise the seriousness of the situation that has happened and that in order to survive they must be innovative and have courage. Quotes to memorise for each theme: Change: “Homer was becoming more surprising with each passing moment.” & “…just began talking naturally as if he had it all worked out” – shows how Homer’s leadership progresses throughout the text. * How he is a complex character. * He shows a change of attitude - growth. * Shows leadership by controlling a chaotic situation. Survival: “We agreed on total silence…our fear was making us think.” & “We’ve got to start thinking of ourselves as guerrillas.” – shows how the group is becoming more serious about the situation. * They are taking precautions * Being innovative * Thinking about tactics in order to survive. Morality of War: “It was hard for me to believe that I…had

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