V for Vendetta and the Constitution

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The Constitution provides citizens of the United States with liberty and equality, meaning we are free within society from wrongful restrictions put on us by authority figures. In the movie “V for Vendetta,” the people have no liberty or equality. For instance, in the United States, there is only a curfew for people under the age of 18 because by our law, you are not an adult until you are 18. But in this movie we watched everyone has a curfew, which doesn’t make them free. Also in this movie, the authorities enforcing the curfew were not professional at all; in fact they tried to rape the woman who was out past curfew. In the United States most of our authorities, I won’t say all because who really knows, act in a professional matter and fairly distribute discipline in order to keep the people safe. Another reason why we need to preserve to Constitution is Article II Section I, which states that the President may only hold office for four years unless re-elected. Now in the movie, the “High Chancellor,” was in office for more than four years from what I could tell. The people didn’t have a choice whether or not to elect a new leader. In the movie, the High Chancellor rules the United Kingdom as a totalitarian state, meaning there are no limits to his authority and he tried to control every aspect of the people’s life that he possibly can. Democracy is the only real form of government that gives the people liberty and equality. Democracy gives people rights, like the right to vote. With the Chancellor’s totalitarian rule, the people had no rights and no way to vote him or any other officials out of office. Another document that protects the United State’s liberty and equality is the Bill of Rights, amendments to the Constitution. The very first amendment of the Constitution states that there will be no law restricting the freedom of speech, freedom of press,
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