V For Vendetta And Anthem Comparison Research Paper

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All throughout history, society has ruled and the individual has tried to overcome its power. This is shown in two works of literature and one film. In the works Anthem by Ayn Rand, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and V for Vendetta directed by James McTeigue, the success of the society over the individual is portrayed. In Anthem, the society is the overall winner because it forced Equality (Prometheus) and Liberty (Gaea) out of the society. However, the twist is that the society did nothing to make them leave. In the resolution of Brave New World, John Savage hangs himself in the lighthouse because of all the influences that the society has had on him. In addition, he did not like the majority of how the society was run so that also pushed him to the edge. In V for Vendetta, society is also victorious in the way that the protagonist ends up dying in the end. As a final result of the individuals thinking for themselves, society ends up crushing their individuality. In the book Anthem, it is shown that the society defeats the individual. Anthem is a…show more content…
One of the strongest arguments is that the protagonist who wants to try changing all of society and the utopias hangs himself in the end of the novel. The protagonist of the story is John Savage. Before he hangs himself, he whips himself; society disgusts him because of people being promiscuous around and the soma tablets. A person could say that he was doing penance because he confessed what was wrong with the world he lives in and is now making peace with it. With him whipping himself, he causes a mass media frenzy and attracts a lot of attention toward himself. This gathering of people leads to a major group orgy, and Mr. Savage finally gives in, takes soma, and takes part in the orgy. The next morning he wakes up and realizes what had happened the previous night, so in disgust with himself he hangs himself, from a light

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